Outdated Dialup to Hosted System

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Jena Pharmacy is a small, independent pharmacy located in Jena, Louisiana that had just relocated to a new building across the street from the local hospital. The owner and pharmacist in charge, Brandon Poole, was looking to modernize their old dial-up phone system in order to make their staff workflow more consistent and reduce frustrations with their patients.

“Calls were coming into the pharmacy constantly and our staff was spending most of their time checking voicemails and writing down prescription refill requests, sometimes accidentally deleting messages, which would lead to patient frustrations and long prescription wait times when the patient would come in to pick up their refill,” said Poole.

In searching for a solution and one that would integrate with his RX30 computer system, Poole was given recommendations and decided to go with Smart Solutions’ Hosted Telephone System and IVR because of their innovative technology and customer support. After installing the SmartCall Essential IVR, calls decreased by 45% and the staff was able to attend to their patients more efficiently.

“The IVR has been a seamless transition for our staff, patients, and doctors calling into the system. Hardly anyone leaves a voicemail now and all prescriptions and refills are sent into the electronic queue for our staff to monitor which helps reduce errors and bulk prescriptions,” said Poole. “Another big advantage is at 5:30 PM the system is programmed to turn on the after-hours message, so I never have to worry about setting that or holiday messages which is a big two thumbs up for me. All in all, Smart Solutions delivered everything they promised and more. ”