New Horizons Makes Pharmacy IVR Switch

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New Horizons Healthcare, a not-for-profit community-based family health center located in Virginia, was frustrated with their existing IVR creating numerous problems for their staff and patients. Kimberley Slaughter, RPh, Pharmacy Director, knew it was time to make a change and look elsewhere for an IVR that could assist her pharmacy and large patient base.

“It was nothing but a constant problem, patients couldn’t get through, caller ID wasn’t working, and every time I would call technical support, they didn’t know how to assist me,” said Slaughter. “There was a point where we would receive 500 calls a day because patients would get disconnected, hang up, and call right back.”

After researching IVR companies and narrowing it down to three, she picked up the phone and called Smart Solutions first. After speaking with Smart Solutions’ VP Pharmacy Automation, Travis Smith, Slaughter’s mind was made up. She felt confident that Smart Solutions could provide the top-notch IVR product she needed, which she wasn’t receiving from the largest independent distributor of IVRs.

“Travis could vocalize the problems and solutions within five minutes, where as, my current IVR vendor couldn’t identify the problem,” said Slaughter.

Once the installation was scheduled, Smart Solutions’ technical support worked with the pharmacy’s vendor, Star2Star, and had everything up and running within 30 minutes. Doctors and patients were finally able to reach the pharmacy by phone.

“What really sold me was the excellent customer service & technical support, as well as, the commitment to ensuring I would receive a reliable product suitable for our pharmacy needs,” said Slaughter. “Since the installation, we haven’t had one negative experience or patient complaint. I will continue to use Smart Solutions for my telecommunication needs until I am no longer in the pharmacy business.”