Out With The Old, In With The New

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For over 40 years, Professional Plaza Pharmacy has built the foundations of a flourishing business on the principles of kindness, old fashioned service, and quality care. Located next to a medical plaza and hospital in Layton, Utah, Professional Plaza Pharmacy excels at being a full-service independent pharmacy specializing in fast, friendly service.  In addition to its prescription business, the pharmacy also shines as a uniform/scrub company offering medical equipment, wound care, and medical uniforms (scrubs).

Professional Plaza Pharmacy experienced several frustrations with their existing IVR, so the pharmacy decided to replace it. After considering a few competitor companies, they chose Smart Solutions as their IVR provider because they were fantastic to work with and was a local business located a few towns away in Utah. Smart Solutions’ price point was also spot-on for what they were looking for in a hosted IVR service.

“We had an IVR system before, and when the conversion took place, our patients were surprised to have a pleasant female voice as opposed to the male voice. We were without the IVR for about two weeks when we transitioned to Smart Solutions, and I was never more grateful to get it up and working once it was installed,” said Kenneth Ernstrom, the Pharmacist in Charge.

Now that Professional Plaza Pharmacy has SmartCall IVR, the staff doesn’t spend as much time answering calls and performing tasks that the virtual assistant can handle.  Some of their favorite features include the virtual assistant, refill requests, voicemail, pharmacy system interfacing, and essential IVR functions.

“I have a hard time believing that we worked in a retail pharmacy without an IVR! I’m so grateful for the technology and the product that Smart Solutions offers to focus more time on the customers in front of us with fewer interruptions. Thank you for your great product; we couldn’t be happier!”