Blending IVR and Community Values

In Independent Pharmacy, IVR, SmartCall by Jessica Gardner

In June 2019, when Tobias Billups opened his first pharmacy location, he knew he wanted an IVR system that would blend well with the pharmacy’s values. According to Tobias, “When you come to our pharmacy, you are treated like family. We are not just looking to put medications in bottles.”

Tobias’ business at Springfield Pharmacy centers on family values, and their local community. Tobias firmly believes that family is the foundation and driving force for him and his staff to work hard, providing their patients’ kindness and integrity while at their pharmacy. To them, a local community’s well-being is paramount to building stronger, healthier families. Springfield believes in that mission so much that they named their pharmacy after their beloved town.

After considering a few competitors, Tobias knew Smart Solutions’ SmartCall IVR was the correct fit because of Smart’s outstanding customer service and support philosophy, along with SmartCall’s features and ease of use, which allow patients’ to easily refill and check the status of their prescriptions.

“One thing that appealed to me was how user-friendly SmartCall’s Administrative features were, allowing easy changing of hours, updating holidays, and recording special notices or messages to patients calling the pharmacy. Plus, Smart’s Technical Support provides unparalleled customer service. I, and others I know, have always received exceptional support, day or night, from installation up to the present day, from Smart’s highly trained staff,” said Tobias.

With his second pharmacy location flourishing and third and fourth locations opening this Spring, Tobias has already ordered his phone system and IVR from Smart for his growing pharmacy business.

“At Springfield Pharmacy, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them. Smart Solutions does the same. Smart is a valuable partner, and I personally recommend their IVR and Phones to every pharmacy I meet along the way. With their service, quality, and reliability, there is no reason to look elsewhere.”